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Slim G4 - World’s Thinnest Mouse

Everything’s now going super slim (apart from me of course). Mobile phones, notebooks and now mice too. The ultra-slim G4 Mouse, just 5mm thick, serves as a perfect tutorial for mobile mouse construction. The uber-slim mousing instrument of the G4 optical mouse folds perfectly flat in order to fit in your PCMCIA slot when not in use, and when you’re ready, it pops out, ejects a USB cable, and folds into a more ergonomic position for all your mousing needs. It seems it just takes 10 seconds to go from its unbelievably thin structure to being fully usable. It has a major advantage over a lot of mice, in that the USB cable stores neatly into the mouse when it’s not being used. The 800 DPI mouse boasts a left / right click and a touch-sensitive scroll wheel, is apparently Windows- compatible. Available in pink, blue and silver colors with matching pouches, the Slim G4 Optical Mouse costs around $50.

How To Tie The Tie

Small Knot


Cross Knot

Four In Hand

Half Windsor

Prince Albert


Bow Tie

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