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Taj Mahal Will Collapse Within 5 Years

The Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world will collapse within the next five years due to technical problems. The reason is that the wooden beams of the mausoleum started to rot.
The most famous tourist attraction of India, which brings millions of tourists each year in Agra, is in danger of collapse because of the contamination of the adjacent river.
The first cracks appeared last year in some parts of the tomb, with four minarets revealing a slight incline.
According to Ramshankar Katheria, the mayor of Agra who led the campaign to save the Taj Mahal, «unless we take immediate and drastic action, the monument will be ‘buried’ in the next five years.”
“The architectural wonder of the world loses its luster, while the minarets will probably fall, since the wooden infrastructure rot because of lack of water.
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