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World's Fattest Man - Keith Martin

Lying in his reinforced bed, 58-stone Keith Martin yesterday defended the estimated £50,000 a year he costs the taxpayer – by comparing himself to others who receive help, such as smokers or injured rock climbers. Believed to be the world’s fattest man, the bed-bound 42-year-old cannot even roll over on his own. He is visited by seven carers a day, who wash and change him in two shifts, plus two nurses every other day who tend to his bed sores.
Weighty problem: Keith Martin, who eats eight hotdogs for breakfast, is putting extra strain on the NHS.

Record breaker: Mr Martin, pictured, has taken the crown of heaviest man on the planet.

A 90-stone Mexican who went on a diet and slimmed down to 31st 6lb.
Incapacitated: Eight ambulance workers are needed to lift him into a reinforced vehicle for regular hospital visits.

Heavy: Mr Martin says his life of excess was triggered by the death of his mother when he was a teenager.

Larger than life: Specialist ambulance crews are called to care for Mr Martin, who is too big to look after himself.

Trimmed down: Manuel Uribe's weight has dropped from 90st to 31st after going on a diet.
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